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Members of the KNI pay a monthly general membership fee which includes access to several tools (see below) in addition to hourly rates on a number of specialized tools. Here are the hourly rates for FY19, effective October 1, 2018. Rates are subject to change.

Hourly Rates
SystemCaltech &
Non-Caltech Acad/Gov't*
*Caltech's overhead rate (FY19 rate is 64.5%) will be applied to all external user invoices, e.g. non-Caltech acad/gov't, corporate
EBPG 5000+ $62.00 $93.00
EBPG 5200 $62.00 $93.00
ORION NanoFab $65.00 $97.50
Nanoscribe $8.00 $12.00
Nova 200 $65.00 $97.50
Nova 600 $65.00 $97.50
Sirion FESEM $39.00 $58.50
Quanta ESEM $39.00 $58.50
III-V/Metal Etcher $50.00 $75.00
DRIE $50.00 $75.00
380 $50.00 $75.00
PECVD $67.00 $100.50
RIE $50.00 $75.00
XeF2 Etcher $50.00 $75.00
CHA E-beam $24.00 $36.00
Lesker E-beam $24.00 $36.00
Chalcogenide Sputter $70.00 $105.00
Dielectric Sputter $37.00 $55.50
DWL-66 $47.00 $70.50
Tousimis CPD $54.00 $81.00
AFM $41.00 $61.50
Mask Aligners $36.00 $54.00
Tystars $5.00 $7.50
TF-30 $97.00 $145.50
Precious Metals (Au, Pt) Market Price Market Price
Base Rate** $655.00 $982.50
**per user/month

Base Rate includes:

Ambios XP-2 Profilometer, Chemical Wet Benches, Dynatex GST-150 Scriber Breaker, Tecnai TF20 TEM, GCA 6300 Stepper, Rapid Thermal Processor, Paratech Parylene Coater, Suss SB6L Wafer Bonder, Westbond Wire Bonder, additional optical microscopes and related metrology, and general supplies (gowning, chemicals, equipment reservation software, etc.).

Corporate Membership Plan

For full information on the KNI's corporate membership plan, please send an email to with details regarding: the number of people looking to join as KNI lab members, equipment needs, anticipated start date, and information about the company. Some companies may qualify for limited-term reduced rates.